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MSI Pro contractors is a family owned and operated full-service concrete contractor company. We are fully licensed and insured as a concrete contractor in New Jersey, specializing in residential and commercial concrete construction. Over the years, we have served as a complete concrete contractor setting high standards from the beginning and have built long-term success through our service.

When it comes keeping your place secure, durable and comfortable, you want to make sure you have the best possible team available for any repair and construction. There is a team of skilled concrete contractors who provide concrete services for both residential and commercial clients.

The specialization we deal in is decorative concrete applications including, staining, stamping and coloring and overlays for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. As we have been the premier concrete contractor, and we take pride in the countless number of projects we have successfully performed.

We are experts in home improvement projects both large and small, ranging from new home constructions to concrete foundations. MSI Professional Contractor employees take pride in their work as we have earned a reputation as a dependable foundation contractor in the places we have served.

Our teams work closely with managers, building owners, and tenants to ensure the job goes smoothly and to meet all your needs and requirements. The concrete contractors we have available are highly trained to meet all demands of this field. What sets us apart from other concrete contractors in New Jersey, New York and other places we serve, is our certified contractors. And, the certifications prove that we stand apart from others and we are selected for our commitment to work, reliability with the best craftsmanship.

Being a dependable and well-organized concrete contractors company, we are dedicated to working to strengthen or detail your building. MSI professional Contractor wants to be your first choice for concrete, ensuring that our services have the smallest possible effect on your activities by working within your time frame and budget.

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