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At MSI PRO contractors, we offer the best Facade Restoration in NYC and NJ to our customers. Allow us to improve your office or home building with our service and replace the caulking for your commercial and residential needs. Our staff has the experience and equipment to provide all the service you need.  We will enhance the structural integrity of your building, weatherproof your walls, etc. with our Brick & Stone – pointing & repointing services.

One of the most common maintenance tasks for brick & stone masonry is re-pointing mortar joints. All buildings of this construction have a common mortar element. With significant exposure to the elements, and depending on materials used, the longevity of major joints vary. The occasional repair of mortar joints is expected over the life of a brick & stone building. One of the most common reasons for re-pointing brick & stone is to improve water penetration resistance.

Masonry restoration: Our team will carry out all the pointing and re-pointing of cracked masonry in brick repairs, water masonry, stone patching, stonework, and other masonry work.

Masonry repair: This is more than just patching broken spots, and our masons and structural engineers work together to strengthen cracked blocks and advise supportive replacement or overhead work if required.

Masonry cleaning: The bricks & stones found on the exterior of your building tend to discolor with time. We can help you to have clean walls with pressure cleaning or sandblasting which helps in removing stains to retain the original texture and colors.

People often let their bricks and stones get to the point where they need to be completely redone. If you have found this page and are asking yourself if you should have it done, the answer is yes. You are obviously worried about it, and the problem is only going to get worse.  MSI Professional Contractors is a certified contractor with previous experience with bricks and stones repointing. Let us know about the project details, so we can help you!

We are also offering our services as 203k Contractors, General Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Property Management, and Remodeling Contractors.

MSI has redefined the industry via combining the most skilled latest Engineers, Contractors and producers to set up committee which arranges the meeting on a regular basis for providing the tips for strategies and repairing practices, moreover you can say that we train our contractors through friendly, healthy and constructive negotiation. We have advanced and modified repair materials, tools and strategies which ranges from hand patching, form and pump, to shotcrete.

Facade repair is a key factor which includes many structural stabilization, recuperation and material strengthening tasks. Over the years, the old concrete structures results in cracking and it is becoming the need of modern day to restore it. If left un-abated, failure will subsequently result.The need can be fulfilled through brown stone repair which have completed most facade restoration/repair. These finalized projects protected the general public and private property from falling hazards which breaks into structural failure. We have the certified facade repair contractor which are anytime active to follow up their ambition to satisfy you and repair your facade scars.

We are licensed contractors for Facade Restoration in NYC and NJ

Leak detection and the restore of constructing materials on account of damage due to moisture intrusion need to be a well skilled restoration system for the buildings, so it needs to hire a technically skilled contractor on this basis of analysis and restore. Facade restoration contractor can efficaciously discuss these troubles and put all of its force for generating the restore concept of the related destruction which will meet your price range and offer warrantable solutions for such repairs.

MSI offers assessment, making plans, and cost-effective solutions to insure a hit outcomes. Our team works closely with architects, structural engineers, managers, and owners to broaden the production means and methods to properly enforce repair solutions. We achieve fulfillment by promising the outclass work which is upto your expectations.

MSI can do any modern and latest construction activity, from construction’ design and estimation to the control and supervision contractors & the labor. Believe us to do the process for you! We similarly ensure price and best control, whether you are constructing or building a house, office, or an industrial plaza, or transforming your house, The MSI pro contractors is ready to pamper your construction site. Our charges are absolutely low-priced and aggressive. We additionally provide maintenance & repair offerings that cover electric, Plumbing, portray and HVAC works.

MSI is skilled in supplying  Facade Restoration & Repair Contractor in NJ for proprietors, builders, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and others. We understand the due diligence process, testing, evaluation, and codes to make your wreck assignment to the healing achievement. The specialty of our latest and modern repair system makes a hell difference from other contractors and recuperation solutions via our distinctive contracting services. Our knowledge isn’t always just to repair exterior damage, but to assist our customers to recognize the basic motive of their constructing envelope troubles so that we’re capable of offer long-time period solutions:

  • Facade inspection guide
  • Leak investigation help
  • Facade stabilization & strengthening
  • Corrosion mitigation & manipulate
  • Balcony restore, addition & modifications
  • Caulking & window alternative
  • Cornice restoration & restore
  • Railing amendment & restore
  • Brick and Stone Repair or Replacement

  • Introduction
  • Budget
  • History
  • Location
  • Finished!


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