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Property additions and foundation contractors in NJ

Common problems with your foundations need to be identified and treated at the earliest opportunity as they can permanently damage a building’s structure.  Many of these problems have permanent and straightforward solutions. The services we offer are designed to repair all the foundation problems in your building and maintain its original structure in place.

MSI Professional contractors is a family owned and operated home foundation contractor company providing services in home improvements projects. Over the years, we have been the home renovations company of choice in New Jersey, New York, parts of Pennsylvania and Maryland. We are in the business of home renovation and home additions, providing professional and friendly service for all your commercial and residential buildings.

We are experts in home improvement projects both large and small, ranging from new home constructions to concrete foundations, walkways, flooring, stairs, and more. Our team takes pride in their work as we have earned a reputation as a dependable foundation contractor in the regions we have served.

As a reputed company, our team consistently complete their jobs on time for our clients throughout New Jersey and other localities. Having experience in repair, we offer services on many types of foundations, including crawl spaces, basements, excavation, and slab and block floorings.

Being a dependable and well-organized foundation contractors company, we are dedicated to working to strengthen your building’s foundations. We want to be your first choice, ensuring that our services have the smallest possible effect on your activities by working within your timeframe and budget.

Our approach is based on our desire to build positive relationships with clients based on integrity and trust.  The objective is to anticipate and minimize various complications that arise during higher-level projects by keeping your building foundation in good shape. We work with the trust placed in our hands.

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